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The Church Camp Project

A few weeks ago the work site at the camp expansion was a beehive of activity; but not for the reasons we would have liked. The workers were busy tying up the loose ends on construction of the second cabin even though it is not even under roof. We instructed them to end their work for the year as we have run out of designated funds for purchasing materials and for the workers involved in the cabin construction.

Over the course of this year, we have, at times used general funds to keep the work moving until more designated funds for building came in. But now we do not have sufficient general fund money to keep the project moving along. As a result, we informed the workers to move towards ending work at some convenient point in the construction where the partially finished cabin can sit without suffering damage.

The workers chose to finish the cabin up to the tie in beam that is poured around the top of the walls and stop there. That will protect the walls from the tropical rains. It also strengthens the walls so that they are fairly well protected from vandals as well. They have finished this work now and are busy storing any materials and tools that will be left on site until we can renew construction activity. Saturday, the 12th of November was their last day of work. After that, the construction site will sit idle until we have raised sufficient funds to begin work anew. We are hopeful that we begin work again early next year.

We ran into another unexpected problem as well. At the same time we were running out of designated building funds we are confronted with the need to finish paying of the lot. We had expected that to be taken care of quite some time ago, but the fellow missionary that was covering half of the lot began having trouble with his support base. Many of his churches happen to be in very depressed areas. We are faced with the urgent need to get the lot paid off before we invest any more money in construction.

At the present time, we have stopped construction to focus on raising funds to pay off the lot. At the beginning of Oct we needed $8,000 and we had received pledges to cover about $2,000. We will work exclusively on paying off the rest of the lot before we again renew our efforts to raise building funds for construction. We have made significant progress in other areas, clearing the lot of the encroaching jungle and some site preparation in order to begin building. We have installed water and electricity. We built the and finished the first cabin. We began the construction of the second cabin. All of this was accomplished by the grace of God and thanks to your generosity in supporting this exciting new project.

We trust the Lord to continue blessing this project and humbly ask for Him to continue to bless this project through your generous support of it. Please consider making a special donation for paying off the lot so that we can once again focus on finishing the building of the second cabin. We need approximately $6,000 to pay off the lot and only then will we be able to consider reinitiating the construction process on the second cabin. We look forward to what God will do through you to keep the camp expansion project moving. We will be excited to share the great things He will do in the future as we rejoice in the great things He has done in this past year! Be a part of this exciting project by helping us pay off the lot and then sending the workers back to renew the construction of the second cabin.

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Please Pray for Jeanie

My wife Jeanie is incredible wife and a very capable partner in our missionary life and work. She has supported me and encouraged me in all I have attempted to do. She has made up for my many shortcomings, humbly and willingly serving in the background as I often received accolades for things for which she actually deserved much of the credit. She patiently and lovingly stood by me even in my bumblings and stupidities. Certainly, I could have never accomplished the many things God has privileged me to do without her very patient help and support! So as you can imagine, it is with a heavy heart and a sense of great concern that I write to you today with a very special request for my wife’s health.

My wife has always been very careful with our health and her own. She carefully schedules her yearly physical and watches her diet and lifestyle well. Her last checkup was in April of this year. Even though a mammogram a few months ago came back clear, in early October she discovered a lump in her breast and immediately scheduled an appointment with our family physician. He felt it was not of great concern and thought it to be benign, but sent her in for a second mammogram and an ultrasound as well, just to be sure. Again, those were read as indicating she most likely had a benign cyst, but again to be certain, a biopsy was scheduled and then performed. She was told she would get the results in about a week.

As two weeks passed, she had not heard anything and called our family physician. He had not heard anything and said he would check up on the results and find out what was going on. The day after I returned home from Colombia, I took her out to her favorite restaurant for her birthday and we visited Wendy and the grandchildren. The next morning we got up and headed out to do a little shopping. When we got back, there was a message from the physician indicating that she should call. Jeanie called back and was put through to the doctor himself; not a good sign. He informed us that Jeanie had breast cancer and that a secondary test on the biopsy had confirmed that.

On November 14th, Jeanie had a mastectomy and all went well. Eight days later we had a follow up visit with the surgeon to be given an update as to what they found during the surgery and in the biopsy reports.  

The information we received was not as good as we had hoped.  Apparently Jeanie’s tumor was growing very rapidly, or had escaped detection for longer than was thought.  When she went in for the mammogram and needle biopsy they measured her tumor at 2 to 2.5 centimeters.  When we visited the oncologist she measured it at 5 centimeters.  When they surgically removed the tumor it measured 8 centimeters.  That means it was at a stage more advanced than the earlier prognosis. We were very disappointed to hear that news as it meant the cancer was more serious than originally thought and that further treatment would almost certainly be necessary.

But there was some good news as well. They do feel they got it all and that the size of the tumor meant that the mastectomy was the right decision. One lymph node was totally clean and the other had only a few cancerous cells in it. The numbers were so few the surgeon said they considered that to be the same as a negative report as the cells had not begun to form a tumor or grow in a structured manner. However the very large size of the tumor means there is a high risk that it would return in the site of the mastectomy because of the risk that some cells might have escaped.

Because of this, the surgeon felt Jeanie would probably need radiation at very least and maybe chemo as well.   She sent us to the office of the oncologist to schedule an appointment. Tuesday, November 29th, we will have our appointment with the oncologist to discuss the treatment plan that the tumor board will develop and recommend.  So at very least the treatment will continue in some form for some time into the future.  We will also need to go back to the surgeon on December 1 to have her surgical drain removed. 

Those of you who follow my blog and are friends with me on Facebook have asked us to keep you informed the about Jeanie’s breast cancer, so that you can pray specifically for her. And, as our supporters, we want to be very open with you as well.

We thank you for your prayers and expressions of concern over this past month and obviously we still covet your prayers as we face this significant health concern.


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