January/March 2011 CCM Newsletter

The Colombian Christian Mission is once again planning mission trips and work crews to help with projects in Colombia, South America. Whether you are a teenager or a senior, a stay at home mom or a cement mason, you can partner with us in Colombia. We have all kinds of projects that we’ll be working on from medical and educational to construction projects. Please consider joining us on a mission trip, you won’t regret it.

Join us on a mission trip and experience first hand the excitement of mission work in Colombia, South America.

Upcoming Trips:

Summer 2011
July 29 - Aug 10, 2011 we are partnering with DeWayne Liebrandt of deaf ministries. He is coordinating a trip to Villavicencio to build a cabin at the church camp and has a few spots open with this group.

Winter 2012
February 11-22, 2012 we will be taking a group down to Colombia to help build cabins at the church camp in Villavicencio. This will be a construction work crew, but not all jobs will be heavy or hard work. We can use people of all ages and skills to work on this project.

How Much will it cost?
While the cost of a trip may seem great in the beginning you can raise money to help cover your costs. Please do not hesitate to contact us for ideas to help with your fundraising efforts. There are a lot on the work crew website.

The cost of the trip is $850 and will include: travel and food while in Colombia, extra for unforeseen expenses (fees, services, taxes, etc), any leftover additional funds will be used for the project you’re working on or to help cover future projects. The cost of the trip does not include airfare. Because of security issues we have each person/group purchase their own airfare to Bogota, Colombia.
We also encourage each person to raise at least $500 (hopefully more) to help with the project their group will be working on. We also encourage you to bring some extra spending money in case you want to purchase some things to take back to your friends & family (Colombian coffee makes a great gift).

I want to go
For more information, fundraising ideas, and other information visit the Work Crew Website. Send a $200 retainer to hold your place on the trip.

I can’t go Now, but I want to help
If can’t travel to Colombia with one of our teams, you can still participate by raising funds for our projects, sponsoring someone else’s trip and most importantly by keeping these trips and those traveling in your prayers.

Sharing the Excitement: Be a Part of a Work Crew to Colombia

It has been three years now since the security situation has improved so dramatically that we reactivated our work crew program. We have had a work crew come to Colombia for each of the last three years now. There are some common features to these work crews. First, everyone is a bit unsure of making a trip to Colombia. While there is always a slight risk, Colombia has improved so much that we do not feel the risk is much different then getting in a car and driving knowing that there are some 50,000 people killed in the States every year by drunk drivers. Yet most of us think nothing of jumping in a car and taking that risk. We trust the Lord to take care of us and so it is when a work crew travels to Colombia. Second, is the sense of excitement that each person feels when they see all that God is doing here in Colombia. The final impression is the loving spirit that creates an immediate connection with the Colombian Christians. The warmth of the Colombian Christians have made the trips to Colombia the highlight for everyone who comes; even those who have participated in numerous other work crews to other areas of the world.

We plan on running one or two work crews each year if money permits. We have an opportunity this summer on a trip that will travel to Colombia from July 29 - Aug 10, 2011 with DeWayne Liebrandt and Deaf Ministries. A crew from Pennsylvania had reserved the week but they recently canceled out so there are some spots available now on that trip. If your church or you as an individual would like to visit and share in a work crew this summer, write or call us immediately and we will begin making plans for this trip. The second opportunity will be February 11-22, 2012 when we have a trip planned to help build cabins on the new lot we are purchasing to add to the capacity of the church camp in Villavicencio.

The projects for both of these work crews will be the building of those cabins. We hope to start the first one this year and start one or two more each year until we have completed ten cabins. That will give us a capacity for 120 campers as compared to the forty to sixty we can accommodate now. Once the project is under way, we will have work opportunities for an increasing number of skill sets, at first it will be building. Once that has moved along, we hope to have cabins that are ready for the electrical installation, plumbing, painting, the tiling of bathrooms, and so forth. The cost for these work crews will be the cost of the plane ticket (typically this runs between $600 and $900) and then $850 for internal travel, food, lodging, and other expenses. We ask that each person attending try to raise an additional $500-$1,000 to help with the cost of materials that the crew will be using during their work crew project.
We are also raising funds to develop the infrastructure of the additional land. We are estimating the drilling a well and installing a pump will cost between $12,000 and $15,000. That will include the well, the pump and pressure tank, as well as the water lines to connect that system to the cabins that we will be building. We will also need a sewage system capable of handling 120 people. That system is estimated to cost around $8,000. Plus we still owe $1,200 on the land purchase.

If you cannot come, but would like to help with the project, you can donate to the building of a cabin or the installation of the infrastructure. In doing so, you will be blessed by the Lord as you are a blessing to the hundreds of campers that will benefit from your love and generosity. You can also help sponsor a work crew member, the money will be used for individuals who are not able to afford to trip or have trouble raising the funds needed.

If you would like to be a part a work crew to Colombia with by attending or with your support - fill out the coupon below or e-mail us at: SusyMorris@SupportCCM.com

Help Us Fund our Work Crew Projects

Please help us raise funds for the following projects so that our work crews can build camp cabins, we can install a septic system, and get a well put in at the camp. Need a project for your Sunday school, small group, youth group, VBS, or church?

Consider raising money for our
Work Crew Projects:
Cabins, Septic System, New Well

Each new Cabin will cost:
Consider getting your church to sponsor half or an entire cabin

The camp needs a new septic system so they can support more campers for a cost of:

Sponsor a work crew member’s trip in any amount.

Summer Vacation is Over...

...at least here in Colombia. Colegio Peniel “summer vacation” runs from mid-November to the first of February. In part, I schedule my trips to the States so that I can be here for the full school year. I have been in repeated conferences with our principal and teachers as we plan for the new school year. The kids are all excited too as going to school is still a privilege here in Colombia and the families of many children cannot afford to pay for their schooling. Their facebook pages are filled with the excitement as they can hardly wait for classes to begin again.

As with each year, I will be working closely with the school as the school counselor for the kids and their parents the also as academic coordinator for the teachers. We all want this year to provide the best academic atmosphere and the best spiritual direction as well. We want to make sure our school is a spiritual ministry to the students and their families as well as the best of academic preparation for the children of poor families; a high quality education that most could never afford if it were not for our school.

As part of this program we offer the sponsorship for the children of poor families. We invite you to invest in the life of a young child who wants to study but whose family cannot easily provide this for many families. It is a way to provide for a child where all of you money will actually go to the child’s study. Fill out the form or write and ask about being a child sponsor and in so doing, open a door to a better future for a Colombian child.

If you would like to be a part of this program fill out the coupon to the right and send your donation to PO Box 95, Rittman, OH 44270.

Sponsor a Teacher Program

We have great teachers at Colegio Peniel. Each year through our Sponsor a Teacher program we are trying to raise support to be able to give each of our teachers a bonus at the end of the year. We are trying to raise $500 for each teacher or $9,000 total. They give up a lot of benefits and economic gain to work at Colegio Peniel. Help up thank them and show them that we appreciate all that they do in providing a quality Christian education for the poor children of Colombia and teaching them about Jesus.

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