Jan/Mar 2010 CCM Newsletter

Back to School at Colegio Peniel

     February 1st was our first day of the new school year at Colegio Peniel.  Our summer vacation is normally for the latter part of November and then the months of December and January.  That is our hot dry season and is traditionally the time when the children are off of school.  During that time we are doing any painting and remodeling or dealing with needed repairs.  Each year the school is spruced up and looking nice for the hustle and bustle of the first day of school.  This year we put tile on the inner court yard of the school so as to improve the looks and make it easier to keep clean.  Everything was repainted as that is a job which needs to be done every year.  The students are registered and all is set for the excitement of beginning a new school year.
       On Monday of this past week the quiet summer vacation was over and the school yard was once again filled with the laughter and noise of three hundred and fifty children of all ages.  They were excitedly arriving to begin their studies and to see new friends.  Everybody wants to see what has been done to improve the school.  They want to see what color their classroom was painted.  The teachers are looking forward to getting back into the classroom.  The anticipation has been mounting and finally the first day of school arrives.  It is a fun time for everybody.
       February is also the time when we begin raising money for our scholarship program.  Since our school has a social aspect, we deliberately open our doors to the children of the poor.  We try to offer a top rate education to children who would normally never have such an opportunity.  At the same time we keep a sharp spiritual focus in the curriculum and in the classroom.  Our school is striving to meet all the needs of the children, both educational and spiritual.  It also opens the door for us to share the Gospel with the parents of the children who come from non-Christian families.  The school has been a central part of our work for more than thirty years now.
       My job in the school was originally that of English teacher.   When I lived in Villavo I taught several days every week.  Now that my base of operation is in Bogota, I travel to Villavo to work with the school for one week out of every month.  My job is that of school counselor.  I work with kids who are having difficulties in their studies or where the teacher is having behavioral problems with them.  I also work with students who have facing some sort of emotional problems.  I love working with and helping the students out. 
       In order to open the door to more students who come from poor families, we offer you the opportunity to share in this ministry and in the life of a child by becoming a child sponsor.  For $19 a month ($228/year) you can sponsor a child in Cologio Peniel.  Your money will go towards paying his or her tuition and opening the door for a top rate education to a child from a very poor family.  By doing this we are providing these children with the hope for a brighter future not only for them and their families but for the country of Colombia as well.  As we have always done, 100% of your money will go towards the support of your sponsored child in his or her studies.  Write or call today and partner with us in this valuable ministry.

If you would like a promotional video to help raise money for the scholarship program let us know.  We have a short video (2-3 min) that can be played during offeratory and we have a longer (20 min) video that would be perfect for a Sunday School Class, Prayer Meeting or Youth Group.  

Deaf Ministry Update

       Last week Dewayne Liebrandt arrived to work with the deaf church.  The hearing church where they had been meeting needed the space they were using, so we had to find a new location for them to meet.  They are currently meeting in a school. It is rather awkward as they have to set up everything Sunday morning then tear it down after the service, but at least they have a place to meet and things are going well.
       With brother Dewayne I attended the deaf church this past Sunday.  There is no translation as the entire church service from start to finish is conducted in Colombian Sign Language.   I thought it might be boring for me as I would not understand anything, but it was fascinating to watch and to see how they had organized their own services.  The attendance was good with about forty people in attendance.  That is down a little, but the new location has much more difficulty with transportation so it is harder for many of them to get there.
       We are now looking forward to the future and making the important decisions as to our next steps.  We are looking at the possibility of renting a store front for them to use or in searching for a larger church that they might affiliate with and where they could use their space.  It should be a busy week as we will be deeply involved with this project.  Keep the deaf church in your prayers as we are excited about the possibilities and aware of the difficulties.  But we trust that God will bless this new outreach into the deaf community here in Colombia and we are excited to be a part of this new work.

Sponsor a Teacher Program

We have great teachers at Colegio Peniel.  Each year through our Sponsor a Teacher program we are trying to raise support to be able to give each of our teachers a bonus at the end of the year.  We are trying to raise $500 for each teacher or $9,000 total.  They give up a lot of benefits and economic gain to work at Colegio Peniel.  Help up thank them and show them that we appreciate all that they do in providing a quality Christian education for the poor children of Colombia and teaching them about Jesus.


Thank you so much for your support throughout the years.  We could not have done it without you!

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