Fall 2013

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This past year, we were blessed by two work crews to Colombia. We saw the building progress steadily in the camp expansion program, but we were forced to slow down as we ran out of funding and designated funds were not coming in. With the work crews, we were able to move the project forward in a limited manner. The second cabin has about half of the stucco on and for $2,000 we could finish it up. In the meantime, work has stopped at the camp expansion and will be waiting for the next work crew to head to Colombia and kick things into high gear again.
Next year we are planning at least three work crews, hopefully four. One in February that will focus on building and getting the construction projects moving again for next year. We hope to get the walls up and the roof on the new dorm project. We would also like to get the second cabin stuccoed so that a work crew could finish the wiring and paint the entire cabin inside and out. That would have both building nearing a point where they could be used in a pinch. At that point, we would have the stucco, painting and finishing work on the dorm and the tile on the walls and floor of the second cabin remaining to be completed.
February 2013 Work Crew
At Easter time, we will have a deaf camp work crew. That crew will provide services such as activities and child care for the deaf camp. This past year we had more than 120 deaf campers and we really benefited from having a group helping out. After that camp was over, the crew remained and did some construction on the cabins and the infrastructure at the camp. We expect to do the same this year, the crew will work with the deaf camp for a week and then stay to do some construction work after the camp is over. This work crew is a team effort with DeWayne Liebrandt.
In July we plan on having another work crew down that will bring teenagers in for a construction project and to work with the school. That camp will focus on the interests of young people and we will have them sharing with the young people at our Christians school. While one church is heading that up, there may well be room for some teens from other churches as well if you are interested.
Finally, in early August we are considering a fourth work crew that will focus on finishing up the construction projects for next year. This fourth work crew will depend on the interest expressed by our churches and on the number of people interested in coming down at that time of the year. If one church would like to bring a group, that would be a possibility and the other option would be people from several different churches forming a group and coming down. We also can accommodate small church groups or family groups if you are interested in coordinating your own trip.
February 2013 Work Crew
The work in Colombia is exciting and the country is safe now as they have done an excellent job in controlling the drug traffickers and in driving the guerrillas far away from any populated area of the country. At the same time God is doing many exciting things with the churches and with the camp expansion. Why not plan on being a part of this exciting work and seeing all that God is doing there. Make your plans now to come down on one of those work crews!
Work Crew February 2013 4
If you would like to go on a mission trip
to Colombia let us know,
we have many upcoming trips.

The Work Crew Essentials

WHO: anyone - we need YOU!
WHAT: travel to Colombia for 10 days
WHEN: we have trips scheduled throughout the year, typically in Feb & Aug. Or schedule your own with your church, family, or own your own.
WHERE: in Colombia, South America
WHY: Why not?
HOW MUCH: $850, covers food, travel and expenses in Colombia. Airfare is not included, each person is responsible for purchasing airfare.
We also encourage each person to raise at least $500 (hopefully more) to help with the project their group will be working on.

Typical Trip Schedule

FRIDAY: Fly into Bogotá on the earliest flight you can book. Board bus and drive to Villavo, arriving to a snack and a made up bed awaiting you about 12 to 2 in the morning.
SATURDAY: Sleep in and rest up. Survey work site for inventory of jobs, skills, and materials. Potential afternoon trip to an impoverished church if anyone is interested.
SUNDAY Head out to share in worship with the church in Villavicencio. Delicious Colombian roast beef for lunch. Then an afternoon of rest and swimming pool.
MONDAY &TUESDAY: Work on Job site
WEDNESDAY: Travel into visit Peniel School all morning, experience a Colombian bus ride. In the afternoon, work at job site.
THURSDAY: Work on job site
FRIDAY: Work on Job site, then rest & pack up for travel to Bogota.
SATURDAY: Bus ride to Bogota in the morning then a pizza party con Jesus with area church.
SUNDAY: Worship with one or two of the area churches. Rest in afternoon, optional trip to Colombian shopping mall.
MONDAY: Travel to Monserrate for informational tour on local geography and popular religion.
TUESDAY: Up early and off to the airport for trip home.

There will be devotions and a lesson on missions every night. Meals will be a mix of Colombian and American cuisine.

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