April/June 2011 CCM Newsletter

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The Church Camp Project

As summer approaches, many churches and kids from the congregations are are busy picking weeks and making plans for attending church camp. Church camp has a long and rich tradition here in the States. Camping has not been a tradition in much of the world where life often meant an existence very similar to camping. As other countries begin to urbanize and the middle class expands, camping and church camps have begun to proliferate. They often look more like the tourist camps and enclaves of the past century than the full-featured church camps that we are accustomed to in the States, but they are the genesis of a burgeoning movement that will bring the blessings of the focused spiritual retreat to the growing churches of the emerging nations.

In Colombia, we have been progressing through that process. The city churches have held church camps and retreats for many years. They are often marked by rather spartan facilities and massive crowding as funding has made the spacious and comfortable dedicated camps something that has been financially impossible for them. American built church camps often failed after missionary funding dried up as the local church could not support the institution and infrastructure that had been built. In Colombia we have borrowed farms and rented facilities for the past several decades. But in the last ten years, the church in Colombia has reached a point where it can now begin to develop, own, and support dedicated church camps.

It has been nearly ten years ago now that the church in Villavicencio purchased a one acre mini-farm to use as a church camp. They adapted the porches of the country home to be dorms and bathrooms. They built up a very nice one acre church camp that has been used extensively and has been supported and maintained by the local church. But it was limited by its size and infrastructure to about sixty people. Even with tents, we simply did not have room for any more campers. After all, only so many people can fit on one acre of land and the septic system can only withstand so much use. As we have often done, we choose to help the Colombian church with one of its projects where the local Christians have shown initiative and sacrifice on.

After much discussion with the Colombian leaders about this project and extensive consultation with our own supporting churches, together with Martin Sanders, we decided to undertake what would be the most significant project we have ever supported. First we helped purchase an additional acre of land. That is costly as land near any major city and in a secure area of Colombia is quite expensive. At the same time, the development of that land, with water and electricity would also be quite expensive. These are the very reasons the Colombian church needs help with this project. Last year we purchased the land. This year we have begun developing the infrastructure and the cabins that will integrate this expansion into the current camp.

First we needed water for any construction or use of the land. It cost about $2,000 to run a water line the one hundred yards back to the additional land. The next step was securing electricity. There is a line running down the property line, but hanging a transformer and getting the license to hook up are both difficult and expensive in Colombia. That project will cost $6,000. We have been granted the license through the help of a good friend from years past. We were able to install the water with the help of special donations and our own general fund. But now that we are installing the electricity, we need $6,000 in special donations to cover that cost. We have until the end of June to fund this project or we would lose the license to connect. It could then take years to get a second license approved. We need your help to meet this need in an urgent manner.

The next step is the construction of cabins on the property. With special designated donations we have begun that process. We hope to end the overcrowding by building cabins that will have two bedrooms that can hold six youth or one married couple. Our goal is to build ten cabins on the edges of the new land and keep the center part open for a swimming pool and recreation field for basketball or soccer. Each cabin will cost about $20,000. We have the first cabin nearly under roof. After this first cabin, we will build the rest as funds come in and with the help of work crews. We plan or first work crew to start the next cabin from the 29th of July to the 10th of August this year. So far we have four confirmed participants, so we have room for several more. Our next work crew for early February of next year. From now on, we plan a work crew each February and August until the project is completed.

This is by far the single largest project we have undertaken. The total cost of the development will probably be around $300,000 for ten cabins, a swimming pool and sports field, and the infrastructure to support it in the form of water, sewage processing, and electrical installation. But it is also one of our most important contributions to the work and future of the Colombian church as it will serve to train and inspire future generations of Christians and leaders. We have intentionally presented the project in smaller steps, such as cabins or the electrical installation, so that you and/or your church can be a part of this exciting project by making special love offerings for the infrastructure or cabin Construction. Or better yet, come down and be a part of building up this great project that will benefit hundreds of Colombian children and leaders as we use this facility to better train and prepare the Colombian Christians for the future growth and maturity of the church. God will bless the work in Colombia and you will be blessed as well by your participation in this incredible opportunity to serve a growing church!

If you would like to be a part a work crew to Colombia with by attending or with your support e-mail us at: SusyMorris@SupportCCM.com

Upcoming Work Crews to help with the Church Camp Project

The Colombian Christian Mission is once again planning mission trips and work crews to help with projects in Colombia, South America. Whether you are a teenager or a senior, a stay at home mom or a cement mason, you can partner with us in Colombia. We have all kinds of projects that we’ll be working on from medical and educational to construction projects. Please consider joining us on a mission trip, you won’t regret it.

Join us on a mission trip and experience first hand the excitement of mission work in Colombia, South America.

Upcoming Trips:

Summer 2011
July 29 - Aug 10, 2011 we are partnering with DeWayne Liebrandt of deaf ministries. He is coordinating a trip to Villavicencio to build a cabin at the church camp and has a few spots open with this group.

Winter 2012
February 11-22, 2012 we will be taking a group down to Colombia to help build cabins at the church camp in Villavicencio. This will be a construction work crew, but not all jobs will be heavy or hard work. We can use people of all ages and skills to work on this project.

How Much will it cost?
While the cost of a trip may seem great in the beginning you can raise money to help cover your costs. Please do not hesitate to contact us for ideas to help with your fundraising efforts. There are a lot on the work crew website.

The cost of the trip is $850 and will include: travel and food while in Colombia, extra for unforeseen expenses (fees, services, taxes, etc), any leftover additional funds will be used for the project you’re working on or to help cover future projects. The cost of the trip does not include airfare. Because of security issues we have each person/group purchase their own airfare to Bogota, Colombia.
We also encourage each person to raise at least $500 (hopefully more) to help with the project their group will be working on. We also encourage you to bring some extra spending money in case you want to purchase some things to take back to your friends & family (Colombian coffee makes a great gift).

I want to go
For more information, fundraising ideas, and other information visit the Work Crew Website. Send a $200 retainer to hold your place on the trip.

I can’t go Now, but I want to help
If can’t travel to Colombia with one of our teams, you can still participate by raising funds for our projects, sponsoring someone else’s trip and most importantly by keeping these trips and those traveling in your prayers.

Benevolent Fund Work

As we work in Colombia, our primary ministry has always been evangelism and church planting with the collateral ministries of leadership training and the writing and translation of teaching materials for this program. Yet we cannot ignore the harsh realities of life for so many people who live in desperate poverty. While this can affect any family, it is especially harsh for women who have been abandoned by their husbands and left with the responsibility of raising and educating a family. Child support is almost never paid here in Colombia and a woman that has been abandoned is often condemned to some of the most severe poverty as she struggles to sustain her family.

Confronted with such situations, Christian love demands that we reach out and help. How could we sit around and watch someone die for the lack of basic medicines or see their children unable to study because of the irresponsibility of the fathers? Last month, we helped a lady who had developed lupus. She has been abandoned and has been struggling to keep her kids in school. Then, unexpectedly last fall she became quite ill. Being poor, she got only the most basic of medical care. While the physicians treated her for a skin rash she deteriorated until she was totally paralyzed.

She could no longer work or support her family. In fact her daughters had to care for a person who had become totally invalid even to the point of bathing and diapering her. No money was coming in and starvation was a very real monster outside her door. There was no money to pay for food, clothing, or medicine, let alone the education of the children. The family has been a long time member of the church and so the church stepped in and helped as they could. We chose to do our part by paying for some of the necessary medications and then we set the oldest daughter up with a small business that she could use to support the family while the mother recovered.

Had we not stepped in at a critical moment to pay for critical tests and costly medicines it is likely she would have died, leaving behind four children. Had we not set the older teen age daughter up with a small home based business, they would have had trouble feeding themselves and would have had to pull all of the children out of school. We helped them in the nick of time, thanks to your generosity in supporting the benevolent fund in the past. But that fund is now depleted and situations like this develop and demand an immediate response.

For that reason we maintain a benevolent fund that we can draw on in such emergencies. By the time the event has occurred and we could write to raise funds, the person has often died or recovered by some miracle of the Lord. So once each year, we write of this work and ask you to join us in expressing Christian love to someone to whom life has dealt a catastrophic situation. Help us to help those in desperate need by making a special donation to the benevolent fund. In doing so, you will be preaching the Good News in deed as well as word by partnering with us in the noble ministry. Please send your designated offering to our forwarding agent marked for this special fund. God’s blessings are and shall be a two way street as the Bible says that we are to give, and it will be given unto us!

If you would like to be a part of this program send in your donation to: Colombian Christian Mission * PO Box 95 * Rittman, OH 44270

Colegio Peniel Scholarship Program

The school year started in February at Colegio Peniel and the kids are busy learning. The student forms came a few weeks ago and will be arriving in your mailbox shortly. If you want to support the same student again for the 2011 school year make sure you let us know ASAP. If you would like to sponsor a student fill out the form above and mail it in. The cost of a student sponsorship is $228 per year. We appreciate your partnership and support of this valuable ministry!

Help Us Fund our Work Crew Projects

Please help us raise funds for the following projects so that our work crews can build camp cabins, we can install a septic system, and get a well put in at the camp. Need a project for your Sunday school, small group, youth group, VBS, or church?

Consider raising money for our
Work Crew Projects:
Cabins, Septic System, New Well

Each new Cabin will cost:
Consider getting your church to sponsor half or an entire cabin

The camp needs a new septic system so they can support more campers for a cost of:

Sponsor a work crew member’s trip in any amount.

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