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From Chemo to Radiation: Jeanie's Treatment Continues

This past week my wife was to have her third, and penultimate chemo treatment. But on friday evening, ten days after her last infusion, she began to have some itching and a breakout. She did not think too much of it, until she awoke early Saturday morning with severe itching and an incipient breakout of hives. As the hives were rapidly appearing in new areas, it was obviously an allergic reaction. We had been told to watch for such things, and so I began trying to contact her oncologist. But since it was a weekend, we could only reach her answering service.

A New Year and A New Beginning

With the new year, new things are happening in Colombia. When I am up here in the States I communicate with the leaders in Colombia almost on a daily basis. Sometimes that is by Skype, an internet phone service, e-mail, or by one of the social media services on the internet. They keep me informed as to what is going on with the work there and often ask for my advice or opinion on some event or project.

Jeanie's Breast Cancer Treatment: the Halfway Point

This week Jeanie had her second of four scheduled chemotherapy treatments. After a three week interval, we headed back to the Parkview Breast Care Center at Barberton Hospital on Wednesday morning. After a series of blood tests they hooked Jeanie up to the IV machines and began by giving her steroids and anti-nausea medication. That took about twenty minutes or so. After a short saline solution rinse of the tubing, the nurses began to infuse the cytoxin. That took about an hour to drip in. During that time I called the grandchildren on Skype and we chatted with them.

Merry Christmas, from or Family to Yours

Once again, and with increasing rapidity, the Christmas season is upon us. For the Meade family, this has always been a time in which we celebrate the birth of Jesus, our savior and Lord as the focus of the season and the celebration. Having raised our children in a tropical country, customs were different, so we amalgamated the American traditions and Colombian traditions into our own unique blend of Christmas cheer. For one thing, Colombians did not have a tradition of Santa Claus with his sleigh and reindeer.

The Oncologist Report for Jeanie's Breast Cancer Treatment

Yesterday, Jeanie and I went for her appointment with the oncologist. She gave us the information about her cancer and the treatment plan. Jeanie’s cancer is lobular carcinoma and the tumor was at stage 2B with an annotation. The annotation related to the fact that one lymph node contained some cancer cells but that test is one that is not yet accepted as standard medical practice. As a result, they do not use it as definitive but include it as an annotation. The size of the tumor was 8.5cm, which is large.

Update on Jeanie's Breast Cancer Treatment

Many of your have asked us to keep you informed the about Jeanie’s breast cancer, so that you can pray specifically for her. And, as our supporters, we want to be very open with you as well. Today, eight days after my wife’s mastectomy, we were scheduled to return to the surgeon for our first follow up visit. We just returned from our visit to the surgeon and were given an update as to what they found during the surgery and in the biopsy reports.  

Praise God, Jeanie comes through Surgery Fine

This morning my wife Jeanie had a simple mastectomy with the removal of the sentinel lymph nodes. They took her into surgery at 9AM this morning and she was wheeled into the recovery room at 11:05. The surgery went very well with no complications or unexpected difficulties. For the next three hours she slept off the effects of the anesthesia. At 2PM in the afternoon, she was awake enough to be released and we were able to take her to the car and bring her home.

Jeanie's Breast Cancer Treatment

Last week we spent almost the entire week visiting specialists and getting pre-surgical blood work done. It was a busy time and with all of the exams and tests the week went by quickly. This week it was a time of waiting. This morning (Thursday, November 10th)the tumor board met and discussed her case and then today at 11:00 AM we had our meeting with the surgeon.

Urgent Prayer Request for my Wife Jeanie

My wife Jeanie has been an incredible wife that has been a very capable partner in our missionary life and work. She has supported me and encouraged me in all I have attempted to do. She has made up for my many shortcomings and humbly and willingly served in the background as I often received accolades for things for which she actually deserved much of the credit. She patiently and lovingly stood by me even in my bumblings and stupidities. Certainly, I could have never accomplished the many things God has privileged me to do without her very patient help and support!

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