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The Bethlehem Work Crew

The Bethlehem work crew arrived the very next day after the Deaf Missions work crew had left and returned to the States. I picked them up at the airport and we spend the night in the Bogotá apartment. Then the next morning we headed down the mountain for two weeks at the church camp project. We had a good drive through the Andes and arrived at the camp by late morning. The guys wanted to get straight to work and soon had shovels and wheel barrows working on spreading fill on the new driveway access to the expansion project.

Deaf Ministries Work Crew for 2012

During my recent short time in Colombia, we held our deaf camp, and had two work crews down to help with the work in Colombia. The first work crew was a small group of three people who helped out with the deaf camp. Dewayne Liebrandt, the deaf ministries missionary who is heading up the deaf work in Colombia came down with a couple from Virginia, Dewey and Laurie Hensley, and and Bob Santel, an electrician from Southern Ohio. We spent the first night in the apartment in Bogotá and then traveled down to Villavicencio on Tuesday.

Deaf Camp

For nearly two years we worked on plans for a national deaf camp in Colombia. We did a trail run last year and it went very well. So we felt all was set for a full fledged national deaf camp this year. We made our plans and all was moving along very well. In Colombia publicity had been sent all over the country a full year before the camp was to be held and interest was very high. Everything was moving along very well and the deaf in the entire country were looking forward to the event.

Join Us in Praise - Jeanie Finished up her Cancer Treatments Today

Today my wife Jeanie reached a major milestone in her treatment for breast cancer. She finished her radiation therapy. It is now her “Nuke Free Day” and we are celebrating. Please celebrate with us and join in lifting up a prayer of thanksgiving to our Lord. We are both thankful that she has made it through her treatments and has done very well. During this entire time we have been so encouraged by all of your letters, cards, emails and especially for all of the prayers you have lifted up on her behalf.

Jeanie Begins the Final Stage of her Radiation Therapy

Today we began our penultimate week of radiation therapy for Jeanie’s breast cancer treatment. And today she had her last full dose of radiation. This is the end of the actual treatment regimen per se and she will now begin what is called the boost stage. The oncologist informed us that at times, cancer cells can lodge in the scar tissue because of the bleeding from that area during the surgery. So they will have boost radiation to attack those cells. From now on she will only have a daily boost dose to the actual scar area.

Camp Expansion Access

We have been working on the camp expansion. Late last year, the neighbor who had allowed us to drive through his pasture field planted the field in papaya trees. After that time, we had no way to get materials back to the construction site. To resolve that situation we began working to open a drive through the current camp property. Trees have been removed and the gate structures are nearly complete. Now we are awaiting funding to be able to fabricate the iron gates and install them.

Camp Project Progress and Needs

We have been moving ahead with the camp expansion project in preparation for the arrive of two work crews in the month of April. Both are small groups, but we are excited to have them. Undoubtedly we would have had many more people coming down, but the delays and uncertainty of the trips with my wife’s cancer treatments meant that many people had to cancel. Still, we are excited to have these two groups coming and are looking forward to making some significant progress while there are in Colombia.

Progress Report on Jeanie's Radiation Therapy

Today we head over to Barberton Hospital for Jeanie’s fourteenth day of radiation therapy. So for, she has had very few side effects from this treatment. She will occasionally feel some fatigue and need to rest a bit. She has also developed a very slight redness to the skin in the area being radiated, but other than that she has had no problems with the radiation. The radiation therapy is designed to sweep the chest wall and lymph node area of any cancer cells that may have remained after the surgery.

Jeanie Starts her Radiation Therapy

Today we were once again at Parkview Breast Care Center at the Barberton Hospital. We have been heading over there every day this week. On Monday we went over for some final testing and the adjusting of the equipment for Jeanie’s treatment program. Then on Tuesday she received her first dose of radiation therapy. We had begun what will be a rather demanding schedule for what we hope will be the final element of her active treatment.

Future Plans: If the Lord wills...

The cold dark days of winter are beginning to brighten up with the promise of the spring that is to come. For the first time in many years, I am still here in the States as I accompany my wife in her cancer treatment. The kids at the school in Villavicencio have missed me as I am always there for the beginning of classes. Many of them have sent me notes on Facebook wondering when I will return to Colombia. I inform that of Jeanie’s cancer and the treatments she is receiving and they are very understanding and say they will be praying her.

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