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Hi-Plains School of Missions

For the last two weeks I have been traveling around western Oklahoma, southwestern Kansas, and the northern panhandle region of Texas. I have been participating in the Hi-Plains School of Missions this year. Each day for a week, some 14 churches hold a nightly missions rally and a different missionary will speak to them. As part of this great missions rally and school of missions, I have been traveling to and speaking at a different church every evening and two different churches on Sunday. Today we are nearing the conclusion of two great weeks of fellowship and vision.

Lake James School of Missions

More than a year ago, I received an email from Kent Shady, the president of this year’s Lake James School of Missions. He asked me to be the keynote speaker for the conference. The School of Missions is one of the oldest missionary meetings in our brotherhood and continues to be one of the premier missionary gatherings among our churches. It is also a great place for missionaries to recharge and share is some great fellowship.

IDES Clean Water Project at the Camp Expansion

Some twelve years ago, the church in Villavo purchased the first church camp facility for our brotherhood in Colombia. They have managed it quite well every since. But it was so popular, they had to limit attendance at camps because of room. About three years ago, at their request, we began to partner with them in expanding the camp facility. That project is now well under way, as we have secured additional land and begun to expand the facilities. But we still had one major problem; we had bad water from a very shallow well.

"To Him Who Knows to Do Good..." The Benevolent Fund

This past week my wife donated her sewing machine to the widow of one of our preachers. The lady wept for joy as she said she had dreamed her whole life of owning her own sewing machine. I had driven to a funeral in a nearby village and we dropped off the sewing machine because we know about her “dream” and my wife very generously told me to donate her machine.
But in spite of her joy, she needs something more. Let me share her story with you.

Teaching in Thailand; Sitting in the Jungle Prairie Region of Colombia!

This week I had originally planned on traveling to Thailand to teach a seminar to the deaf church there. But the rising price of tickets kept pushing the price of travel beyond the amount of funds that we had raised for this teaching ministry. With some regret, Dewayne and I canceled the trip and made alternative plans. We set up a schedule for doing the conferences via video over the internet. I was not sure if the internet here in Villavo could handle a two way video conference and so I considered traveling to Bogota to do the conferences there.

Work Crew in Puerto Lopez

Saturday, April 27, I spent all day in Puerto Lopez, a river port village about an hour’s drive from Villavicencio. The town is famous for the fresh fish that are caught in the river and for the cargo barges that haul cattle up river the the markets of Bogotá and the center of the country and the construction materials and supplies they haul down the river on their trip back. But I did not go to the port for any of these reasons. I was there because the church in Villavo had organized a work crew to help the new church there as they try to get a building constructed in which to meet.

Annual Learning Difficulty Conferences

Each year Paul Odham, a recognized specialist in Learning Difficulties gives up his spring vacation and travels to Colombia to help us in our school in training our teachers and in working with at risk children. He has generously offered to teach not only our own teachers but to offer that help to teachers in the public schools as well as a service of our church to the educational community. I contribute from my knowledge of Colombian cultural and the educational system here and serve as his translator.

To Thailand to Teach

It has been more than 15 years, since I first began to ask Dewayne Liebrandt to come to Colombia and help us start a deaf ministry. It has been nearly seven years since he made his first trip. For six years now we have been working closely together to get deaf churches started here in Colombia. This morning we will attend the deaf church here in Bogota and I will worship in a language that I am not proficient in. It has been a great time of working together and God has blessed our partnership and the work.

Work Crew for February 2013

After a long week of frenetic activity, the last two members of the work crew took off this morning and are now flying back home to their families. Now, I can sit back, sip a cup of coffee, and do all of the bookkeeping that is needed to make sure we can report accurately on all that we did and how the money was invested in the Lord’s work back here. You can check out the photo albums on facebook and in flickr to see all that they got done.

Teaching as Missionary Ministry

With the holiday season over I am now making my plans to return to Colombia in about ten days. It has been a great fall and winter as I have had the opportunity to visit many of our supporting churches and thank a good number of you in person. We appreciate so much the fact that you have partnered with us in the Lord’s work in Colombia. We are truly blessed.

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