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Slowing Down? Not Really

Almost one year ago to the day, I received and email from Dr. Brian Baldwin, dean of the Sacks School of Ministry at Kentucky Christian University, inviting me to teach as missionary in residence for the university for the fall semester of 2014. Considering it had been only two years since I had last taught, I was honored. Apparently I had not messed things up too badly! I accepted and began making plans to teach the next fall. I arrived back from Colombia on the 16th of August and on the 19th of August I was on campus to begin preparing for my first day of class.

Missionary Training as Missionary Ministry

In 2 Timothy 2:2, the apostle Paul, in his final communication before his execution, implored Timothy to be involved in the training of the future generations of missionaries. In a clear injunction, he invokes four generations of service; himself, Timothy, the students Timothy will train, and then the future students of those new missionaries. There can be little doubt that Paul felt the training of the future generations of missionaries was a significant element of missionary service, for him, and for every future missionary as well. Only missionaries can train future missionaries!

Transportation and Ministry

Every day, Colegio Peniel (the Christian day school in Villavicencio) has a couple of cars and a small van pull up and unload kids in the morning and then return to pick them up as the day ends. It is a significant cost to the student to pay for these private transportation services and the rather questionable mechanical condition of the vehicles sometimes makes one wonder about the safety of the service. But at the moment, there is no other choice. The school cannot provide the dependable and safe service to the students for a lack of a vehicle.

Regions Beyond Colombia

The apostle Paul spent his entire adult life, after his conversion, to the preaching of Christ in the “regions beyond.” He traveled tirelessly and established the churches that would later be the seedbed for the Gospel to spread throughout Europe and to America. As part of that ministry, he not only trained leaders for the new churches he established, but he also was careful to train the next generation of missionaries that would replace him once he was called home to glory. Paul set the example for those of us today who are called to the missionary ministry.

A Scout Troop at the Church

As I grew up, the scouting program in the United States served to give me a great deal of training in how to live out of doors. I could hike long distances carrying a heavy back pack. I learned to swim well and how to build shelter and live of of the land. It was a valuable skill set that would serve me well later in life when we began to serve as missionaries deep in the Amazon jungles of Colombia. I could live and survive for days and even weeks as I hiked from hut to hut and shared the Gospel. I also learned a lot about God in scouts from the God and Country award program.

God is not Dead

This week I have been teaching the philosophy classes at our school. Part of the issue we are discussing is the challenges to our Christian faith from the so called “academic community” especially as our older kids are getting ready to leave our Christian school and head off to the university. I have been trying to prepare them for some of what they will obviously face.

Tri-Lingual Camp

A few weeks ago we finished our multi-cultural, tri-lingual camp. We had 71 campers and 10 adult helpers. While we were low on American young people and on the local deaf population, the camp was still a great success and it accomplished the purposes we have in sponsoring this camp each year at Easter time. Starting Thursday of Easter week, people started arriving early for the beginning of our week of camp. We had young people coming from the villages in the countryside, from the capital city of Bogotá, and from the churches here in Villavicencio.

A Tale of a Table

Looking Forward and Looking Back

As the year ends, we do some of the typical types of things: we close out our milages logs from a long year of travel and speaking and we ponder the year gone by. Last year was a special one with many blessings and not a few trials. I spent the first seven months of the year in Colombia and we were blessed with almost constant work crews and visitors. We dig a well at the camp expansion project and built the well house over it in a clean water project sponsored by IDES. We were so blessed to share with them in this important project.

A Busy Month in the Service of our Lord

This has been a very busy fall for me. After two very enjoyable but busy weeks with the Hi-Plains School of Missions, I drove back across the country to Florida, where I had a full week of speaking at three different churches there; Winter Park, Kissimmee, and Clearwater. By this time, I had been on the road for nearly a month. On the way north I stopped and spent a day in Columbus, Georgia, where I enjoyed an entire day running around with our son Alex, who we had not seen in several years.

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