September 2014

Transportation and Ministry

Every day, Colegio Peniel (the Christian day school in Villavicencio) has a couple of cars and a small van pull up and unload kids in the morning and then return to pick them up as the day ends. It is a significant cost to the student to pay for these private transportation services and the rather questionable mechanical condition of the vehicles sometimes makes one wonder about the safety of the service. But at the moment, there is no other choice. The school cannot provide the dependable and safe service to the students for a lack of a vehicle.

Regions Beyond Colombia

The apostle Paul spent his entire adult life, after his conversion, to the preaching of Christ in the “regions beyond.” He traveled tirelessly and established the churches that would later be the seedbed for the Gospel to spread throughout Europe and to America. As part of that ministry, he not only trained leaders for the new churches he established, but he also was careful to train the next generation of missionaries that would replace him once he was called home to glory. Paul set the example for those of us today who are called to the missionary ministry.