February 2013

To Thailand to Teach

It has been more than 15 years, since I first began to ask Dewayne Liebrandt to come to Colombia and help us start a deaf ministry. It has been nearly seven years since he made his first trip. For six years now we have been working closely together to get deaf churches started here in Colombia. This morning we will attend the deaf church here in Bogota and I will worship in a language that I am not proficient in. It has been a great time of working together and God has blessed our partnership and the work.

Work Crew for February 2013

After a long week of frenetic activity, the last two members of the work crew took off this morning and are now flying back home to their families. Now, I can sit back, sip a cup of coffee, and do all of the bookkeeping that is needed to make sure we can report accurately on all that we did and how the money was invested in the Lord’s work back here. You can check out the photo albums on facebook and in flickr to see all that they got done.