June 2012

Camp Expansion and the Colombian Church

The camp expansion has been a joint project with the Colombian church from the beginning. Some ten years ago, the church in Villavicencio purchased the original camp property. At that time, they could not afford the whole two acres and so purchased one acre with an option to buy the second. But they never could and when it appeared that additional land would be sold and lost to us, we stepped in to help the local church with the expansion of the camp property.

Tom Claibourne and the Bethlehem Work Crew

Now I Understand
by Tom Claibourne

Bogota. Villavicencio. Colegio Peniel. Down the mountain. Encroaching jungle. New road at the camp.

Until recently those were just places on a map or words on the page of a newsletter or website. Now they evoke pleasant memories and images of people, ministry, and opportunities.

Colegio Peniel Scholarships

The 2012 scholarship forms will be mailed out next week to all of the sponsors that requested the same student. We still have lots of students that don't have a sponsor. Due to the current economic climate in the US, some of our long-time sponsors have not been able to support their student for the 2012 school year. Here is one of our unsponsored students. A fifth grade girl named Angie Lorena Rojas Parra. You can see her thank you drawing below as well.

Taking a Necessary Break at the Camp Expansion

After three years full years of major effort in purchasing the land and beginning the development of the camp expansion, we need to take a break. We have now secured the title to the land and fully built one cabin. We have installed the electricity and ran a water line from the previous camp installation. We opened a second, dedicated entrance gate and put in a 500 foot driveway. We have made huge strides in a fairly short period of time. Many churches and individuals have generously partnered with us in this significant effort on behalf of the Lord’s work in Colombia.