February 2012

Jeanie Starts her Radiation Therapy

Today we were once again at Parkview Breast Care Center at the Barberton Hospital. We have been heading over there every day this week. On Monday we went over for some final testing and the adjusting of the equipment for Jeanie’s treatment program. Then on Tuesday she received her first dose of radiation therapy. We had begun what will be a rather demanding schedule for what we hope will be the final element of her active treatment.

Future Plans: If the Lord wills...

The cold dark days of winter are beginning to brighten up with the promise of the spring that is to come. For the first time in many years, I am still here in the States as I accompany my wife in her cancer treatment. The kids at the school in Villavicencio have missed me as I am always there for the beginning of classes. Many of them have sent me notes on Facebook wondering when I will return to Colombia. I inform that of Jeanie’s cancer and the treatments she is receiving and they are very understanding and say they will be praying her.


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