January 2012

From Chemo to Radiation: Jeanie's Treatment Continues

This past week my wife was to have her third, and penultimate chemo treatment. But on friday evening, ten days after her last infusion, she began to have some itching and a breakout. She did not think too much of it, until she awoke early Saturday morning with severe itching and an incipient breakout of hives. As the hives were rapidly appearing in new areas, it was obviously an allergic reaction. We had been told to watch for such things, and so I began trying to contact her oncologist. But since it was a weekend, we could only reach her answering service.

A New Year and A New Beginning

With the new year, new things are happening in Colombia. When I am up here in the States I communicate with the leaders in Colombia almost on a daily basis. Sometimes that is by Skype, an internet phone service, e-mail, or by one of the social media services on the internet. They keep me informed as to what is going on with the work there and often ask for my advice or opinion on some event or project.

Jeanie's Breast Cancer Treatment: the Halfway Point

This week Jeanie had her second of four scheduled chemotherapy treatments. After a three week interval, we headed back to the Parkview Breast Care Center at Barberton Hospital on Wednesday morning. After a series of blood tests they hooked Jeanie up to the IV machines and began by giving her steroids and anti-nausea medication. That took about twenty minutes or so. After a short saline solution rinse of the tubing, the nurses began to infuse the cytoxin. That took about an hour to drip in. During that time I called the grandchildren on Skype and we chatted with them.