October 2011

Urgent Prayer Request for my Wife Jeanie

My wife Jeanie has been an incredible wife that has been a very capable partner in our missionary life and work. She has supported me and encouraged me in all I have attempted to do. She has made up for my many shortcomings and humbly and willingly served in the background as I often received accolades for things for which she actually deserved much of the credit. She patiently and lovingly stood by me even in my bumblings and stupidities. Certainly, I could have never accomplished the many things God has privileged me to do without her very patient help and support!

A Big Bump in the Road: an Urgent Need for Funds to Pay off the Camp Lot!

Four years ago one of my fellow missionaries here in Colombia asked me to join him in a project to enlarge our Christian camp. I was reluctant at first, unsure that I could raise the funds needed for the project. But God blessed our efforts, and we were able to pay off our part of the camp lot and have now built the first of what we hope will be ten cabins. In fact, I am sitting in that cabin as I write this. The building has been slow and we have not been able to easily fund the cabin construction and the infrastructure needed for the expansion. But we have made immense progress.