July 2011

A Special Camp Project for Summer

As we begin developing the addition to the camp, we are faced with some necessary but rather mundane tasks; such as mowing nearly two acres of grass. The original part of the camp is about 3/4 of an acre and we mow it with a small push mower. But that is too small to do the additional ground that we are now developing. At the present time, it is cut with a weed whacker. But that is a slow and laborious process. The real solution to mowing two and a half acres of ground is a wide cut riding lawn mower.

Toad in the Toilet

A few weeks ago I stayed out at our church camp in Villavicencio. I was sleeping in a tent in the back yard as the dorm rooms were filled with our work crew guests. I was using one of the bathrooms at the back of the building. That is the one nearest the septic tank and sewer lines. And it was the closed one to my tent, which was set up in the back yard.

Camp Projects and Progress Report

After a month of inactivity, so that I could help Martin Sanders with two work crews he had here in the country, we restarted construction on the first cabin at the church camp expansion project. The workers began putting stucco on the remaining walls and laying tile on the floors. One bathroom still needs to be tiled and some of the doors and windows need to be installed. We are hoping to complete the first cabin this month, or at very least, have it ready to paint when the work crew arrives on the 29th of July.

Work Crews, Construction, and the Cabin Project

This morning (6.10.11), at 12:20A.M., our most recent work crew boarded a bus and headed to Bogotá to catch their early morning flight back home to Kempton Christian Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This is one of Martin Sander’s supporting churches and where my nephew and niece, Patrick and Sasha Gilson are members. Sasha served as our intern at the school a couple of years ago and organized this work crew. They arrived ten days ago and Martin and I had accompanied them down the mountain where we settled in at the church camp and began working on different projects.