June 2011

The Cabin, Co-Workers, and Work Crews

This past week I was in Villavicencio, sleeping in my tent, and helping a dear friend and a great co-worker with his work crew. Martin Sanders, whom we have known since his childhood, is a great friend and co-worker here in Colombia. He had a work crew in last week and I took time to go down to Villavicencio and help him manage the logistics for the work crew. It was an honor and a privilege to do so. This week he has another group coming and and once again I will head back down to Villavo with them.

Under Roof

The first cabin is under roof now. With a very heavy rainy season hitting the eastern plains with a vengeance, it has been very difficult to work on the roof. Many days the workers would sit under the eaves and wait for the rains to stop. Something on many occasions they never did. As a result, the work on the first cabin has moved at a snail’s pace. But this past week, the final sections of the roof were put in place and the builders could work for the first time even when it was pouring down rain.