May 2011

Infrastructure Milestone: The installation of Electricity at the Church Camp

This week at the camp, we took a huge step forward in making the land addition usable for camp. A good family friend in Colombia, who happens to be an electrical engineer and has frequently done work for the electrical company, spoke with some friends in the administration of the electric company and smoothed the way for our license for installing electricity to the new camp property, which we had approved a few weeks back. It had been languishing in the electric company office for months with no apparent progress. This long time friend stepped in and got things moving.

Deaf Camp

At the end of April we were able to help with the deaf camp here in Colombia. The deaf church continues to grow and one project dear to their hearts was to realize a deaf camp. We encouraged them in this project and agreed to subsidize several campers. But other than that, the deaf church leaders did all of the planning and organizing for the event. This was a major event that involved a great deal of planning and organizational structure.

Camp Update: The Roof Goes On

This week the workers began the process of installing the roof on the first cabin of the church camp expansion. This is a major step as the rainy season is beginning and the roof will allow them to work inside on the days that it rains. Early in the week they were putting the preservative on the wood and by Thursday the wood was finished. They installed the roof on the garage area of the cabin and on the first of the week they will finish the rest of the cabin roof. By early next week, the entire cabin should be under roof.