February 2011

Preaching in Cincinnati from Colombia

This morning I did not attend church here in Colombia, where I am currently living. Instead, I attended and spoke at the Forest Dale Church of Christ, on the northern edge of Cincinnati, Ohio. Thanks to modern technology and specifically Skype, I was able to be present for the missions Sunda, along with Toby and Amy Hill, in Honduras.

First Visitors of the New Year

For the last two weeks, I have had Gordon Clifford and a member of his church here with me in Colombia. Gordon publishes much of what I write and translate and then makes it available for us and others in Latin America to use in our teaching and leadership training through the Christian Mission Press. Shipping materials into Colombia has become such an expensive and difficult task that it is almost as economical for someone to bring it in.

Busy in Colombia

I arrived back in Colombia on January 20th to begin this period of intensive work. Following my typical pattern of waiting until rates drop after the January 10th “Day of the Three Kings” holiday, which officially ends the Colombian Christmas season, I booked my flight and returned to Colombia. My first week here is always a dizzying flurry of activities, meetings, phone calls, errands, and the like. My first job is getting the apartment set up and supplied with food. I need to make sure all utilities and services are functioning and paid up to date.