January 2011

Coming of Age (my car would be old enough to vote!)

This month I am celebrating an important birthday; for my car! It has been eighteen years this month since we purchased the vehicle I drive here in Colombia. The short version of the Mitsubishi Montero (this is a shortened, two door version of the small station wagon sold in the states). Due to the very rough roads I need a four wheel drive vehicle here and the little Mitsubishi has been a very good car.

Translating Strength for Victory

One major focus of my ministry in recent years has been writing and translating books that will fill the need for training Christian leaders on a higher level. We have sufficient materials for training on the basic level but there has not been a lot available to use at the college level. Last year I finished up Jack Cottrell’s book, “Faith once for All” and then I wrote a couple of small Bible studies on the life of Christ. I have been working in this area because the need is great and there are few people who have dedicated themselves to this type of ministry.