October 2010

Meeting Needs, Ministering to People, and Preaching to Gospel

Several years ago, meeting a need of the Colegio Peniel, our Christian Day School, I accepted the request to become the school counselor. In the successive years, my acceptation in that ministry has grown, as has my comfort level in serving in that way. At the same time, the counseling ministry had developed a degree of credibility, not only with our students, but with the general population. I now spend at least one full week a month working in the school full time. I work with the kids in the morning and with the parents and people from the community in the afternoon.

Church Camp Crunch Time

This year a lot that joins our tiny church camp was put on the market. The owner is a Christian and offered us the first chance to buy it. He had many takers as land in that highly secure area near Villavicencio is extremely hard to find. We did not have the money to buy the camp, but the owner gave us some time to raise the money to pay for the lot. He gave us till the end of the year to come up with the money to purchase the lot, with partial payment dates scheduled throughout the year.