September 2010

Cabins for the Church Camp in Villavicencio

As the Colombian church has grown, they have begun to build some of the institutions and infrastructure typical to a mature church. One of the collateral ministries has been a church camp for use by the different congregations. The Colombian church purchased a one acre mini-farm a few years ago and has since supported that and used it extensively. In relatively small house, they have packed in bunk rooms and restrooms and together with tents, frequently have sixty to one hundred people there for different camps, seminars, and retreats.

Church Camp Project Update

It has been about one year since we launched our project to increase the size of our one acre church camp. Land here is very expensive, due in part to the insecurity, areas that are secure are quite expensive. Our church camp is located in an area near the end of the runway for the air base, so military patrols keep this section quite safe. As a result, we have been able to use the camp with few concerns for safety. In spite of the very small piece of land we have, we regularly have fifty or more campers for events.

Workshop and Training for Sunday School Teachers

Here in Colombia we have always worked hard to train people to do every ministry in the church. Sunday school is an important ministry and one of the most important responsibilities of any church is to assure quality teachers to help prepare the children who will be the Church of tomorrow. Each year in Colombia we try to offer training for our Sunday school teachers. We use our best and most experienced teachers to do a most of the teaching.

Deaf Ministry and Micro Loans

For many years we have had helped provide micro loans to help poor Colombian Christians set up some sort of business by which they can support themselves. The loans normally are around five hundred dollars and are paid back through the recipient helping others to learn the trade or skill sets they have acquired. In this way the loan program has an ever widening effect in helping the church raise its standard of living.