March 2010

Opening the Bible College to the Deaf Church

I have been very busy down here this trip working on a couple of special projects. The first one is establishing Bible college classes for the deaf church. Nothing like that has ever been done down here before, so I have been forced to develop the entire methodology for how to work with the deaf on a college level. It is interesting and has been quite challenging as I try to adapt the distance learning model to deaf Christians who have a very limited reading ability. Since the written word is representative of the spoken idea, the deaf typically have only the most limited skills in reading.

Training Leaders for the Deaf Church

This time in Colombia we have a very special project in the works.  Most of you are aware that almost three years ago, together with Dewayne Liebrandt and Deaf Ministries International; we launched the very first deaf church in Colombia. That work has continued to progress and this year should be on its own, independent of the hearing church that it was partnering with. The growth, both numerical and spiritual is impressive. We have seen the hand of God at work in this ministry.