February 2010

Condolences to Dewayne Liebrandt and family

On Friday of this past week, My dear friend and coworker, Dewayne, Liebrandt lost his mother.  Glenna Makela passed from this life into the next after losing her battle with ovarian cancer.  While I have known Dewayne for many years we became very close as we worked together in a deaf church plant here in Colombia.  Our friendship extended beyond our joint ministry as we became hunting buddies and friends in sharing many aspects of life and ministry.

Expanding the School and Church Camp

Just this morning I got a very important call from one of the elders in the church in Villavicencio.  The lot next door to the church and school was offered to us for a very reasonable sum of $42,000.  We had tried to buy it once before and even raised some money.  Then the owners jacked to price up to an impossible amount and so the deal fell through.  It has sat there since then with no buyers and so the other day they approached us again.  We still have some money in the bank from that last attempt and that could be used as a down payment.  But we do not have t

The Deaf Church

Last week Dewayne Liebrandt arrived to work with the deaf church.  The hearing church where they had been meeting needed the space and so we had to relocate them.  So the deaf church is currently meeting in a school. It is rather awkward as they have to set up everything Sunday morning then tear it down after the service, but at least they have a place to meet and things are going well.