November 2009

Postage Stamp Church Camp

Church camps here in the states tend to be rather large. The camp’ land is counted in acres and usually are a farm that had been purchased many years ago. We have church camps in Colombia, but they are very different. We have normally rented a recreational villa or something for our camps. But a few years ago, the church in Villavicencio purchased the first actual camp ground for our churches. We regularly have fifty or more people there for a long weekend camp and we have many weeks of camp every year. But the primary difference is that our camp is only a little over an acre.

Our Summer Intern, Sasha Gilson, tells of her time in Colombia

The flight and arrival to Colombia was wonderfully uneventful. The drive to Villavicencio required me to put great trust in God and Dale. Once we arrived in Villavicencio, I was put at ease. Everyone was welcoming and patient with my lack of Spanish. Having Kim there to share my observations and mistakes made the transition easier. Once she and Dale left I thought I would experience culture shock since Martin is the only other fluent English speaker and he wasn’t due back for a week.

A Letter from Ralph Shead, Spanish Projects Coordinator at LATM

9 November, 2009

Dear Brethren,

Our brother Dr. Dale R. Meade has been helping our organization prepare literature for use in Latin America. His work is very valuable to us and to Spanish speaking brethren. This letter is to tell why.

And the Blind Shall See

We all enjoy our natural senses, most of the time with little though or appreciation. The ability to see the beauty around us or hear the giggles of a child are some of the true riches we share in this life. To not have the use of those faculties is something we often do not even think of until we lose them or they are diminished or threatened in some way. The person who is deaf or blind loses out on so many special blessings and even finds the basic necessities of life to be something they struggle with.