September 2009

The Deaf Ministry Expands to Villavicencio

With the deaf church doing so well in Bogotá, we began to feel that it was time to move ahead with the next step in the plan for establishing deaf churches in all of Colombia. We had considered for some time the next logical step and the best location for the next church plant. We had looked at different areas of Bogotá and at other cities where we have contacts and works. So one year after planting the first deaf church in Colombia, we began to make our move towards establishing the second one.

Working In Villavicencio

I have been in Villavicencio all week working at the school and checking up on the water tower that the work crew started. I have been starting my work day this time at 8 o’clock, instead of 5:30 as I normally do. Plus, I have been quitting by mid to late afternoon. I decided to limit my days to eight or ten hours after becoming quite ill after my last week of sixteen and eighteen hour days. So I work with the school in the morning and then make some calls in the afternoon or I head out to the church camp to see how the water tower is progressing.

Two Week Travail

For the last ten days, I have been busy nearly every day trying to get my eighteen year old car back into working order and ready to use again. After seeing off the work crew, I took it immediately into the shop. The first problem was a slow leak in the cooling system. That problem turned out to be a thermostat housing that had cracked. But they could not find the part and for several days it looked like the best they could do would be to seal it up with silicon until I could find a new part in the States.

A Great Work Crew with Great People!

We just finished a great work crew. We had nine people come down to work on a water installation at our camp. There were eight from the Forest Dale Church in Cincinnati and one from the Palmyra Church of Fredericktown. They arrived in late August and stayed through the first full week of September. I picked them up the same day that Sasha, our summer intern left the country. I took them to a hotel for the first night so they could get a good night’s rest and recover some from their trip.

Sasha Gilson, Our Summer Intern

This summer we had an intern working with our Christian Day School teaching English. Sasha Gilson came down and spent two months teaching English at the school to aid our English program. She is working on finishing her Masters in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) and wanted to help on a mission field. She is a second cousin of mine but following family custom and due to the age difference, I consider her a niece. She finished her work in Colombia the third week in August and returned to the States to finish her schooling and to begin her job teaching.