June 2009

"God Sent You to Us!"

The call came about two weeks ago from a large public school in the Suba section of Bogotá, where we have a church. This school of more than 3,000 students was having all sorts of problems with their kids and the teachers had no where to go for help. The person calling me was in charge of such issues and also did not know where to turn for help. Someone who had heard me speak at a different school recommended they call me, and so the phone rang late one afternoon. I spoke with this teacher about the nature of the problems and exactly what they were interested in me teaching them.

First Baptisms in the Deaf Church

Today, Sunday, we witnessed a historic event in the Normandía Christian Church. The deaf church that we planted there one year ago has been growing steadily. They have increased in numbers and now form one of the more significant deaf works in the entire country. But today, they went beyond that and became the very first church where a deaf preacher baptized new deaf believers that had been won to the Lord exclusively by the preaching and testimony delivered wholly in sign language.

A Rather Pleasant Problem

A rather pleasant problem has been cropping up in there church here in Normandía. For the past several weeks, it has been standing room only in the deaf church. As more than forty people crowd into what used to be the living room of the old house that forms the front of the church building, the hearing church, where the sanctuary comfortably holds one hundred and twenty five, still had room to spare.

The Seventy Hour Work Week

Once each month, I make a trip to Villavicencio to work with the school and the church there. I just returned from my monthly trip yesterday evening. Now for the next couple of days, I will be recovering and resting up as I wash clothes and answer email here in the apartment in Bogotá. These trips are exhausting, but I enjoy them very much. I always return with a sense of satisfaction in having accomplished the many things I set as goals for myself on these trips.