May 2009

After one very long year... Finished At Last!

Over the last year, in every free moment I had, whenever I was not committed to other ministry activities, I have been hunched over my computer keyboard translating the theological opus magnum de of Dr. Jack Cottrell; Faith Once For All. This significant work is a compendium of Biblical theology that covers nearly every theme of significance with a clear and well reasoned logic based on massive Biblical evidence.

Translation Tedium: but an Important Work

For the last couple of weeks, mixed in with a bout of the flu, I have continued to work diligently on my translation of the theological work by Dr. Jack Cottrell, titled, Faith Once For All. The translation of this work has been tedious and difficult, both because of the technical nature of the book and a significant tendency to make points based on the specific wording of a Biblical text. So I must work in the text itself as well as in the English and Spanish Bibles to make certain I understand what is being said and what the differences are.