April 2009

Translation Treadmill

After finishing the writing of the Sunday school quarterly, I immediately began to work on my next project. For the past year now, as I have been able to devote time to it, I have been working on the translation of Dr. Jack Cottrell’s systematic theology, The Faith Once For All. This is a very large and thorough work that covers nearly every aspect of the church and Christian life. It is a book that should prove invaluable as Dr. Cottrell’s careful scholarship and abundant Biblical foundations will help us teach and train the preachers and local Christians here in Colombia.

Two Weeks Writing

As soon as I put Paul on the airplane, I began immediately with another project that has been on the back burner far too long. Together with Gordon Clifford, of Christian Mission Press, I have been working on a series of small books that can be used as personal devotions, guides for home Bible studies, or Sunday school quarterlies. The first four books were to be based on the life and teachings of Christ using the parables and events of the Gospels. I had finished the three previous books but lacked the fourth one to have one full year's worth of studies completed.

Teacher Training Wraps Up

Yesterday I saw Paul Odham off at the airport. Paul is a specialist in learning difficulties and he has been very generously donating much of his vacation to coming to Colombia to help us train our own teachers and to provide much needed help to the public school system as well. His conferences have snowballed in popularity to the point where we had over 1,000 people in the different training sessions this year. Our very first one started with only the fifteen teachers at our Christian Day School.