March 2009

Teaching the Teachers

Paul Odham, our specialist in learning difficulties, arrived in Colombia last Saturday night late. Almost immediately we put him to work. The very next morning we had him teaching our college students at the church here in Normandía. Immediately after church we loaded up the car and headed down over the Andes Mountains to Villavicencio. The road was heavily militarized and we even passed tanks as well as the heavily armed soldiers. But we arrived without difficulty in the late afternoon. We headed up to our old house there as Martin Sanders had invited us to stay with him.

Into the Woodwork!

God has blessed me with a physical stamina where I rarely get sick. Some pretty severe bouts of dysentery in the early years and then my treatment for Basal cell carcinoma about ten years ago now were the only things of significance. Add in a couple of cases of dengue fever and then a few colds and sore throats and that about wraps it up.

One Long but Typical Sunday

Sundays are always busy days. That is to be expected for any preacher. But that is multiplied for a missionary, because a missionary does not simply preach at one church. All of the churches like to have the missionary come for a visit and then preach. Most Sundays I will preach at two different churches. This past was a typical Sunday for me. The day began when I was up early and working to put the final touches on my sermon. We left the apartment around nine in the morning. It would be more than twelve hours before we would return.

A Week at the School

This past week I traveled to Villavicencio to work with the students at the Christian school we operate there. Gordon Clifford, who prints many of the teaching materials that we use, arrived for a two week visit. He wanted to see the missionary work that uses between thirty and sixty percent of all of the materials that he prints, depending on the genre. So after spending the weekend here in Bogotá, where I was scheduled to preach at the Normandia church, we headed down over the mountains to Villavicencio. Immediately upon arriving I began working.