February 2009

Ten Hours Talking

Yesterday, sandwiched between the three weeks of intensive activity with the deaf ministry and a two week visit by Gordon Clifford, the person who publishes much of what I write in Spanish translate for teaching here in the church, I taught a modular class at the Bible College. There were students who really wanted to get their required class in philosophy completed and so were asking if I could possibly fit it into my schedule. I agreed to do it in an intensive modular format.

Standing for an Ordination

We are wrapping up two weeks of intensive work with the deaf church here in Bogotá. Even with the purchase of ten new chairs, there have never been enough as attendance has swelled so some forty people nearly every Sunday. We borrow chairs from the hearing church, when they are available. But only so many will fit in the room we outfitted as a sanctuary for the deaf church. So a good number wind up standing for the service as there is no place to sit. But it would cost us around $1,000 to knock downa wall and buy more chairs.

First Deaf Preacher Ordained

This past week has been a time of intensive teaching and working with the deaf preacher. We are planning on ordaining him this coming Sunday and we want to make sure that he is well prepared for the new responsibilities he will be taking on. The deaf church has been excited about the prospect of having their preacher ordained and is looking forward to this Sunday. In our teaching efforts we have held two hour classes with the deaf preacher four days last week and this week as well.

The Deaf Church Doing Great

Yesterday Dewayne Liebrandt and I attended the deaf church service here in Bogotá. There were 30 deaf believers present and four hearing family members as well. The deaf work here in Colombia has made spectacular progress in the very short time since we established the church. The deaf preacher has made great strides in his preaching and in his use of the technology available to him as an aid in the dissemination of the Gospel. From his first halting efforts as preaching, he has progressed well and now his sermons are well organized and presented with great effectiveness.

Classic Car? Not Quite!

Praise the Lord! I got my car back today. In has been in the shop for nearly two weeks. There was nothing major wrong with it, just a lot of little things. But it is becoming very hard to get parts for it now because of its age. The car I drive down here is now seventeen years old. That is almost old enough for historical plates in the states. But down here, while a seventeen year old car is not common, it is not all that unusual either.

The Deaf Church Moves Forward

Sunday I spent a couple of hours with the deaf Christians after church. The work among the deaf population has gone well. We have been averaging twenty or more for regular church services and 35 and 40 for special events. The new Christians are enthusiastic and are anxious to be doing more and more. Already, they have been suggesting we take evangelistic trips to other cities where the different deaf Christians have relatives. They are excited by what Christ as done for them and they want to share this rich gift of salvation with friends and relatives.