January 2009

My First Sunday Back

Today was my first church service back in Colombia on this trip. Fortunately, I did not (yet, anyhow) come down with a cold or anything else from my plane trip back into Colombia. So this morning I was excited to be heading to church to see many dear friends and brothers. I really enjoy the Colombian services as well. I was anxious to see how everyone and how the churches were doing.

Historical (ancient history?) Newsletters Coming Online

Recently, thanks to a new conversion program, I have been able to begin to fulfill a dream of mine. That is to make available to all of our friends and supporters the back issues of our newsletters. While this is still a work in progress, you can now go to the newsletter section of this web page and check out the first six years of newsletters from these very early years of the work here in Colombia. I think you will find them quite interesting.

Interesting Interuptions

Normally, I attempt to give myself a week after my arrival to get settled in before jumping back into the work. But it never works out that way. Even though I do not plan any ministry activities, it seems they come looking for me. Only two days after arriving back in Colombia, the deaf preacher contacted me and wanted to come over for a meeting. I agreed, as ministry always comes before personal convenience.

A New Year in Colombia

On Tuesday of this week, I flew back to Colombia to begin this semester and work period. The school year begins here in Colombia at the very end of January or early in February. Since I teach in the graduate school program of the Bible College, I like to return a week or so before that so I can check on my class schedule and begin my preparations for teaching. It is also a good time to get back in order to work with our Christian day school, as I can be here for the beginning of classes there as well. It is also a great time to get back in order to work with the churches.

Missionary Ministry and the National Missionary Convention

Missionary ministry sometimes includes aspects of ministry off of the field. This fall I have been involved in a time of ministry reporting to our supporting churches here in the States. I have traveled every single weekend with only two Sundays off during the entire four month period. It has been tiring, but is a rewarding and enjoyable time as I share the blessings God has granted in Colombia over the past several years. I have very much enjoyed visiting with so many friends, supporters, and prayer partners, many of whom I have not seen for years.