November 2008

Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is a special time. It is a day where nearly everyone pauses and considers his or her blessings and then gives thanks to God for the good we receive in life. It is often a family event, where the different generations of a family will gather and share the most precious of blessings, the greatest gift from God; that being our children and grandchildren. Here at our house, we will all be present except for Alex. We will be blessed by having our children and grandchildren to share this special day with us.

National Missionary Convention

What a great Convention! Having just returned from the National Missionary Convention, I marvel at the excitement and the blessings of such an event. The Missionary Convention has grown significantly in recent years, precisely because of the excitement and enthusiasm that makes attendance a thrilling event that leaves everyone animated about becoming a part of the church’s worldwide missionary outreach. There is simply nothing else like this event anywhere else in our country or in the world.

Peripatetic preacher

This fall, for the first time in four years, I have been home in the fall in order to travel and speak at our supporting churches. It has been a real treat to travel around since the third week in September as I speak at different churches each week end. I have enjoyed getting back to visit many new friends and get to know the new members of each church. I am always blessed by this rich fellowship. This does involve a great deal of traveling, as I have been averaging more than four thousand miles per month. But the blessings of visiting everyone are well worth the effort.