August 2008

Link to Dewayne’s Blog

Check out the following link to read Dewayne’s blog with the report of his recent trip to Colombia.

First Christian Church for the Deaf Launched in Bogotá

For the past two and one half weeks, Dewayne Liebrandt has been here in Colombia, spearheading our deaf outreach. We used the time for significant efforts in officially launching the first Christian church for the deaf. Other works have “translated services” in which the hearing service is translated into sign language for the deaf, but there is no actual church for the deaf here in Colombia; that is until this past Sunday.

A Classroom with Ten Thousand Students

For many years, we had a radio program as a means of preaching the Gospel to many people in places we could not easily reach. But as prices for radio time soared, we had to drop the program as we could not longer afford the air time. We have often longed for the capacity to once again use radio as a means for preaching the Gospel. Yet with the falling dollar and very tight budgets, that seemed to be an impossible dream. That is, until I received an invitation to teach on the radio because of my work teaching with the Bible College.

Training Teachers and Preaching Christ

For the last two weeks, we have been involved in intensive teacher training programs in the area of learning difficulties and special education. For many years we have accepted children who could not make it in the public schools and we have been overjoyed to see them do well in our school. But many times we have felt inadequate as we attempted to help these children. So with the generous help from Paul Odham, we decided to do something about this.