July 2008

Learning Disabilites and an Open Door for Sharing Christ

Having worked with our Christian day school for more than twenty years, I was always concerned with the students that seemed to have real problems keeping up with the rest. Having experienced that frustration as a child, my heart went out to students with the same problem that were in my class. When I began to work as the school counselor, the teachers would send students to me that were having problems. Often it was obvious that the problems were related to learning difficulties of some kind. I did my best to help them, but that is not my specialty. I desperately wanted to do more.

An Incredible Commitment

Yesterday I visited the Paraiso (Paradise in English) church in a poor section of Bogotá. This church has been a real inspiration all and is a joy to visit. The church always amazes me as it just grows and grows even with significant obstacles. One problem for them has been the poverty of the believers which means they have not been able to purchase a lot or a building for the church. And so lacking a building, they must rent garages and places like that to meet.

Ministering to the Re-inserted Ones

One of the great success stories here in Colombia has been a program to encourage the guerrilla fighters to desert and rejoin society. For the most part these are individuals who have spent most of their lives as militants within the guerrilla ranks, occupied with killing and kidnapping. A few years back, the government began a program where any guerrilla fighter who deserted and turned himself or herself in would be granted amnesty and aided in rejoining society.

A Busy Sunday and the New Church in Soacha

This past Sunday was typical in many ways. I was up early and got ready then headed out to church. Normally I attend and preach at two or three churches nearly every Sunday. So this past Sunday I headed out to the Normandia church where I was scheduled to preach. As always, church services here are great and I really enjoy my time at the services. Sunday is a day I look forward too all week long.

A Tedious but Important Task

In a missionary ministry, some things are really fun. There are jobs that I enjoy very much, such as visiting different churches and watching them grow and progress. It is a time to revel in close relationships with the local Christians and church leaders, built up over the years of working together. It is exciting to teach eager students the great truths revealed in God’s word; to see them light up with understanding as the remnants of cultural Christianity give way to the shining light of simply and pure New Testament Christianity.