April 2008

Teaching day and night; God opens new doors!

With my teaching in the Bible College here in Bogotá, we are always look for ways to expand the outreach and the scope of this ministry. Until now, my teaching has been limited to the classroom. I do teach and preach each and every Sunday somewhere and often teach in classes and conferences in between. But my work with the college has enabled me to form the next generation of Christian leaders here in Colombia, both for our own churches and for other Christian groups as well.

One Last, Long Week

Last week, I again traveled back to Villavicencio to work with the school and the church there. Normally, I spend about one week each month working in our old home town. I enjoy working with the children at the school and trying to help the ones who are having some difficulty in school. I work as the school counselor and I help train our teachers in dealing with learning difficulties and behavioral problems.