March 2008

Two Weeks of Training and Teaching

For the past two and a half weeks, we have been involved in an intensive leadership training program with churches in three geographical regions of Colombia. Dr. Mike Householder and John Leech traveled to Colombia in early March for a scheduled series of training seminars. I organized the event and traveled with them for most of the conferences to serve as translator.

Progress in Cartagena

This past week I again made a trip up to the Colombian Caribbean coast visit the new church in Cartagena. I traveled with Mike Householder and John Leech to visit the church there and translate and teach the leaders there. As is typical, the entire five day trip was a hectic whirlwind of activity. We were busy from the time we arrived till the moment we boarded the plane for our return trip.

How Will They Hear?

For you and me, to hear the Word of God is a simple task. We can easily read the Bible for ourselves as well. But for a person who has been born deaf, these are two nearly impossible tasks. To be born deaf means being isolated from much of society; even from one’s own family. That isolation from the rest of society has made something so simple such as hearing the Word of God or reading the Bible to be monumental tasks. The tragic nature of life for a deaf child born to a poor family is heart breaking.

Into the Mouth of the Wolf

Some fourteen years ago, I made my final trip out of Villavicencio and into the jungle/prairie region of Southeastern Colombia. I had been traveling most weekends into the area for some twenty years, but as the insecurity and guerrilla incursions increased in the area, I began to limit my travels. For a while, I traveled out and made visits during the daytime and would return to the relative safety of the city by evening. But then, even the daytime visits became too dangerous as the guerrillas largely controlled the entire area of the country.