January 2008

Back to Work, Back to Teaching

The first couple of weeks back in Colombia involve getting settled in and fixing things that are broken and paying bills. Yet at the same time, I try to make certain I get back to work quickly, as that is what I am here to do. So even though I have been busy with many more mundane things, such as getting our photocopier repaired and working, I have already begun teaching as well.

Programming Exhaustion and Exhilaration

On Thursday of last week, I made my return flight to Colombia. Susy and Brian spent the night at our house and then we were up early and headed for the airport. In what has become a tradition, we left early with the intention of stopping at a Bob Evans for breakfast or having time to fix a flat or sit in a traffic jam. But with no problems, we made our pleasant family breakfast at a restaurant at the airport exit.

Planning the Missionary Convention and visiting Alex

The first full week in January is the meeting of the Executive Committee meeting for the National Missionary Convention. As a past president and the selected representative for missionaries in Latin America, I attended the meeting in Tulsa, Oklahoma, site of the 2008 National Missionary Convention. We met on the 8th of January in the Millennium Hotel and planned out the convention for this year.To get there, I was up at three in the morning and heading for the airport by four. I caught my plane and left Cleveland a little after five.