October 2007

Finishing Up In Colombia and Getting Ready to Travel

Last night, I finished my last class for this semester at the Bible College. With that, I ended my ministry commitments for this trip down and I am now busy packing and getting ready to head back up to the States to visit family and our supporting churches. In fact, as I write this, I have half packed suitcases sitting around and I am receiving a constant line of visitors as the Colombian Christians stop by to say goodbye and to wish me well on my trip.

Last Trip Over the Mountains

This past week, I made my last trip over mountains to Villavicencio. As I typically do each month, I went down to work with the kids at our Christian School there. I spent Monday afternoon after my arrival visiting with a blind Christian in the nearby village of Restrepo and then returned to Villavicencio after dark to rest up a bit after the drive and to get ready for several hectic days that would be sure to start early the next morning.

The Incredible Shrinking Dollar

A spate of headlines about the falling value of the dollar have caught many by surprise. But these recent headlines have simply confirmed the reality we have been struggling with here in Colombia for many years. Unnoticed by most Americans until recently, the dollar has been losing value for years now. Recently this trend has caught the eye of journalists and tourists and this fact has gained coverage.

Restoring New Testament Christianity in Colombia

This past weekend, I taught a modular class for students wishing to fulfill deficiency requirements in order to enter into the graduate school of the Christian University. Before such students simply had to take the classes and this often delayed their entrance into the actual program. In an effort to remedy that situation, we decided to offer a concentrated weekend seminar where we taught several courses in a two day period. We had fifteen students signed up and all were church leaders.