September 2007

Deaf Ministry Moves Forward

These past two weeks have seen a big step forward for the deaf ministry here in Colombia. After a year of planning and preparation, which included sign language classes for more than twenty members of the church here in Colombia, the time was ripe to take the next step. In order to accomplish that, Dewayne Liebrandt arrived here in Colombia two and a half weeks ago.

God Opens Doors of Opportunity!

This past week I made an unusual trip to Villavicencio. On fairly short notice, I had been invited to speak at the high school in Restrepo, Meta, which is a small village about a half hour’s drive away from Villavicencio. We have attempted to establish a church there with only very limited success. The theme was traditional moral values. So when I was invited to speak to the high school there, I saw it as an opportunity to use the Bible as a way to present a defense of those values along with recent studies from the social sciences that back up those values.

Not Enough Hours in the Day

Friday was a busy, but rather typical day for Fridays down here. I was up at five o’clock in the morning and after showering, dressing, and breakfast, I left the house for my seven o’clock class at the university. I have to walk as no bus goes directly there and at that hour of the morning taxis are very hard to catch. I can’t drive my car as I have “pico y placa” which means certain cars cannot be on the road certain days in an effort to reduce congestion. So it is a forty minute walk to the university and I leave about six o’clock in the morning.

A Girlie Guy Missionary or What?

On my last trip down to Villavicencio, as I often do, I went to visit and evangelize a family of one of our students. Since I have been working as the school counselor, when ever a student is having problems the teachers send them to me. I usually involve the families as well as I work with them. Needless to say, I use these meetings as an opportunity to evangelize the families as our school is both a social service and an evangelistic tool.