July 2007

Second Semester Begins at Christian University

Classes began for my second semester this year of teaching in the Christian university here. I had delayed slightly beginning my first classes because of the seminars we were offering in teaching children with a learning disability. But as soon as we had finished with those seminars, I checked in at the university and set up my teaching schedule.

From Dashed Dreams to a Rebirth of Hope

She had gone all the way up through our Christian day school. I had taught her English throughout grade school and she was a very good student. Her family was extremely poor and her only hope for study had been the scholarship that American Christians had provided for her. She graduated from our Christian school last year with excellent grades but an uncertain future. Because of the desperate economic situation of her family, her chances for continued study were slim indeed. If she did not study, as a girl here in Colombia, opportunities for any decent employment were extremely slim.

First Graduation at the Bible College

This year we held our first graduation for the Bible College program here in Colombia. We had one of our preachers receive his B.A. degree in theology and ministry. Also some 23 students received their Masters degree. This last group of students were ones I had begun teaching more than two years ago now and they represent the first fruits of this ministry. At the same time, we have two of our own preachers well along in the Masters program and expect them to graduate next year. Go to our photo page and check out the graduation service. You can find the pictures at:

Two Weeks - Too Busy

For the past two weeks, things here in Colombia have been moving so fast, there have been many days where there was simply no time to even stop for lunch. I returned to Colombia a bit earlier than normal in order to get ready for the intense activity planned for this period and it is a good thing. Even with that time for preparation, the frenetic pace of the activity has been breathtaking (and at many times, that would be literal!) as we would rush from one activity to the next.