April 2007

A Dramatic Headline and a Difficult Reality

The headlines startled many Colombians as much as they did me.


Teaching to Transform

Tuesday is one of my very busy days as I teach both morning and afternoon/evening classes. I leave at seven in the morning and do not get back to the apartment till around eight in the evening. It makes for a very long and tiring day but it is time well spent and leaves me excited as well as tired by the time the day draws to a close.

Holy Week in Colombia

The church was packed to overflowing as attendance increased each day until more that 100 people were present for the closing service on Sunday evening. Not bad for a church that meets in a garage!

One Cute Quinceañera-But a Car?

Most people in the United States are now familiar with the Latin American custom of the quinceañera, where the fifteenth birthday is a big event, especially for girls. The family will often throw a lavish party for their daughter with all sorts of meaningful customs, such as the custom where the father kneels before his daughter and puts a pair of high heeled shoes on her, symbolizing that she is coming of age. Every girl looks forward to her quinceañera party with great anticipation. Here in Latin America, the fifteenth birthday is a very important and meaningful event.