December 2006

The Joy of Christmas and the Implications for the New Year

During the latter part of December, we celebrate both Christmas and the New Year. Somehow it seems proper that the two go together. For at Christmas, when we consider Christ’s birth, we also ponder the meaning of our own rebirth through Christ and his later sacrifice. The original meaning of the Christmas tree was to use an evergreen to demonstrate new life in the dead of winter. The candles originally used and now replaced with our electric lights, symbolized that Christ was the light of the world.

An Exciting Meeting? Yes!

Meetings are not normally something most people would consider to be fun and even exciting. Generally, I avoid meetings as often as possible; preferring to be out working and preaching instead. But this meeting was different. I had been asked to form a part of the Executive Committee of the National Missionary Convention for the next two or three years. I attended the primary meeting in Cincinnati the first full week in December. The purpose of the meeting was to plan the basic structure of next year’s missionary convention, which is to be held in Cincinnati, Ohio.