November 2006

The National Missionary Convention

After a week on the road, I have just returned from the National Missionary Convention. It was one great week but it was also a long and tiring week with fifteen hundred miles of driving with stays in four cities and three states. In order to take advantage of the travel and the time, I began the week with a speaking date in Springfield, Illinois. From there I headed to Indianapolis via the Chicago area, where I visited with friends, supporters, and a dear former professor who is seriously ill. These days were rich in fellowship but the great evenings meant short nights as well.

Kidnapped? No, Just A Computer Crash

Concerned by the lack of entries in my blog? Many had called or written, concerned by my prolonged silence. A lack of an email response only increased that concern. But as always, God has been watching over me. My silence was do to a rather mundane factor; a total crash of my computer.