October 2006

One Hectic and Happy Week

This past week I traveled to Villavicencio and worked with the school and the church there. They had been asking me to come down as my work in teaching church leaders had kept me here in Bogotá. They insisted there was much work I could do there as well. So after I finished my last class and graded most of the papers, I scheduled a week to work in the city were we lived for nearly twenty-five years.

La Quinceañera and Running Red Lights

Last Saturday night, after the leadership training session at the Lucero Church, instead of making a beeline for home, we all headed to a nearby rented hall. One of the girls in the church was having her fifteenth birthday. Here in Latin America that is a major event as it is seen as the girl’s coming of age. A very elaborate ceremony is held, recognizing her as having left childhood behind and becoming a woman.

Leadership Training in a High Risk Outpost

This week I have been leading a leadership training seminar at the Lucero Church in southern Bogotá. This church has grown to more than 120 members in the last three years and all of the people are new Christians. So there is a lot of work to do as we work to train them in the basics of Christianity and to begin their development as leaders in this new and rapidly growing church.