September 2006

Visa Renewed, Praise God!

After a little more than three weeks, I received my renewed permanent resident visa here in Colombia. It had taken a significant amount of my time as I rushed from one office to another only to stand in interminable lines for hours on end; in many cases to be told information I had been given at the previous office was incorrect. Still, for me to be able to get such major paperwork done it less than a month is a major accomplishment. Now I have everything in order for another ten years.

Prayin' For Paperwork

Paperwork is a part of life here in Colombia. For many years now, significant amounts of my time have been and are occupied by securing some license, paper, or permit. Many times the paperwork has absorbed weeks and weeks of efforts as I tried to keep everything legal for living and working here in Colombia. Over the years, different Colombian presidents have promised to make Colombia more efficient by eliminating so much paperwork. To their credit, things have improved somewhat.

Making Three Churches and One Little Girl Happy

During the time that Ken Gardner was here for his seminars on using puppets in ministry, he also offered to help in any other way he could. I took advantage of that offer and decided to purchase supplies for our photocopier and have him print up some Sunday school lessons for the churches that had been pleading for them. There was no money in the budget for that but there was a tremendous need and I had an offer to help with the project in the form of donated labor. I decided to move ahead and trust the Lord to provide the funding.