August 2006

Puppets For Preaching

This week, I made a trip over the mountains and down to Villavicencio. It had been quite a while since my last trip and there was much to do. But along with my normal work with the school, on this trip we held a workshop in puppetry. An intern, Ken Gardner, who had been to Colombia some twenty five years ago, had often expressed an interest in returning. During that time, he had become involved in puppet ministry and had become quite an expert in the subject matter. He now works with one of the largest companies involved in training and materials for puppet ministries.

An Exciting Second Semester

The second semester at our Bible College and seminary program is now underway. Since we use a distance education format, the semester begins when the students are able to study rather than on some artificial schedule that would make the student adjust his or her life and work around the classes. This has enabled us to open the program to many more students than what would be able to take classes in a traditional format.

It Was An Honor To Have Known Him!

I was honored to have known him and to have worked with him. He was a very simple person. He had little education and no real skills other than those needed to survive in the Jungle/Prairie region of Southeastern Colombia. He lived in relative poverty and suffered much in this life. He had a severe case of epilepsy that could not be controlled with medication. Yet from the very first day he heard the Gospel, he had given his whole heart and life to the Lord.

A Really Big Firecracker!

It sounded like a really big firecracker, but in the end, the bomb was not at all close to where I was or where we live. Many of you have probably read about the car bomb that was set off earlier this week here in Bogotá. One person was killed and about a dozen military personnel were injured. The name of the section of town where the bomb went of was given in some of the reports as similar to the section of town were we live. But the bomb went of on the other side of a very large central park here in Bogotá.

Tears Brimmed up in the Little Girl's Eyes

For years we published the Sunday school materials for the churches here in Colombia. It was a ministry of love, started by my wife, who had noticed that when church budgets were tight, it was always the children who were neglected. Since the churches here could seldom pay the preacher’s salary, none could afford to buy Sunday school literature for the kids. So she considered the needs and began to design, write, and produce an excellent series of lessons which used the very innovative methodology of printing each lesson as in individual folder rather than publishing quarterlies.