April 2006

Incredible Opportunity

When we searched for a partner in our Christian higher education project, our only interest was in securing accreditation for the degree programs we intended to offer. Our first choice would have been one of our own Bible colleges, but none of them were willing to accept the possible expenses that they might incur with such an effort. So we were forced to look elsewhere and finally found an accredited distance learning university headquarted in the United States. They were quite willing to help us our and very flexible in allowing us to teach New Testament doctrine.

Long on Learning

In many universities and colleges, full time teaching is considered to be three courses during the semester. Here in the Bible college program, I taught one class the first half of the semester and I am now teaching two more classes in the graduate school of the Bible college during the second half of the semester. I have about fifty students in the two classes. One class is on Soteriology (the Doctrine of Salvation) and the other is an Old Testament Survey class.