March 2006


This week I finished the first class I taught in our Bible college program. For eight weeks I taught four hours each Tuesday morning. The class was rewarding as several of the students mentioned growing in their Biblical understanding to the point of changing some of their previous doctrines that they had come to realize were not in line with Biblical teaching. Now next week I begin two more classes. One will be a class on Soteriology, or the doctrine of salvation and the other will be an Old Testament survey class.

Never Too Busy

Each week I keep a very tightly scheduled routine. There is seldom any free time programmed in. But when tragedy stikes, I am never too busy to take time to be in a time of need. This last Saturday, I got an unexpected call from the preacher at one of the churches in the dangerous south end of Bogotá. The area where this church is located is so violent that the local Colombian leadership does not even like for me to visit the church alone. One of them will always go with me when I have a visit scheduled. But I had other things planned last Saturday when I got a very sad call.

Opportunities and Obstacles

This week has again seen frenetic activity in the establishment of our Bible college program. My first graduate class is with preachers and church leaders from indigenous church groups here in Colombia. It has been an opportunity to share the simple Gospel message with them as they compare clear Bible teaching to the often convoluted theologies developed by different church groups.