February 2006

Busy Week

This week has been a busy one as I prepare for my classes, grade homework papers, and continue to coordinate the college project with our own churches and the Christian college that has given us accrediation coverage. There is hardly time to get it all done. On top of the college work I continue to work with the churches by preaching, leading Bible studies, and meeting with people who have questions and concerns. Thankfully the Good Lord has given me the health and the stamina to keep up with all that needs to be done.

Web Feeds Explained

One of the main reasons that we wanted to update the website was to improve the connection between you and mission field. With the power of the internet, we this huge span has been closed to a few mouse clicks.

Dale's Article in the Christian Standard

Read Dale’s article that was recently published in the Christian Standard.

Read the article here

Colombian Christian College is up and running!

Just a note to keep you posted. The beginning of the Christian higher education is going well. We have entered into a consortium arrangement with a Christian college in Miami that specializes in distance education. They will provide accrediation and record keeping. I will be the primary professor here in Colombia together with some of our Colombian leaders. While I will focus training leaders for churches we have planted over the years, the training will be open to all church leaders here in Colombia.

Welcome to the new SupportCCM.com

We are continually trying to improve how we communicate with you, the people who make the Colombian Christian Mission possible. Through your contributions and prayers the ministry in Colombia has carried on for more than 30 years.

We hope that this weblog will serve as an open line of communication. Dale will be posting here periodically. You can leave a comment to any of the posts by clicking on the links below the posts. You can also follow the posts with a web feed (RSS) reader. I will make a post specifically about the web feeds and how to take advantage of them.